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We build web and mobile applications that streamlines legal workflows and processes.

What is Custom Legal Software Development?

The legal tech industry uses technology and software to facilitate legal transactions and processes online. Custom legal software can be developed to bring expensive in-person legal processes to the web, increasing efficiency and decreasing costs for customers.

What is Legal Tech Software?

Legal tech software takes tradition legal services and moves them to web and mobile experiences, typically decreasing costs and brining efficiency to the legal industry in doing so. A commonly referred to example of legal tech software is LegalZoom. Historically, forming new businesses was an expensive and time consuming process for business owners. Because legal processes are daunting to try to understand, many would pay large legal fees to have things done right due to fear of making a mistake. legalZoom is one of many companies that now brings transparency and affordability to the company formation process. Instead of hiring a law firm or expensive lawyers, you can now incorporate online. While company formation is a prime example of legal technology, even just within business administration there exist many other legal practices and workflows that are expensive and can be streamlined with legal software solutions.

What are examples of areas of legal tech?

There are many different areas of legal services that can be automated or streamlined with the use of custom legal software. Some areas in which software development can help the legal market include:

Contract Automation

Legal contracts are everywhere. Almost every legal transaction includes at least two parties signing a contract. Contract signing can actually be a relatively complicated process in and of itself. For example, in business law certain actions need to be approved by employees, some by shareholders, some by board members, and some by all three of those groups. To make things more complicated, sometimes only a majority of each group needs to approve a legal transaction. In the real world, this leads to a lot of signature and contract wrangling that is slow and inefficient. This can be very frustrating especially for small businesses that need to move quickly. Contract automation can eliminate some of these issues by automating and logic behind legal signatures and using e-signatures.

Document Management and Document Automation

Legal document review and document management can be sensitive. Many times legal firms go back and forth with their legal teams and their customers to get the language of any given document perfected. The creation and management of revisions alone can be a heavy task, with new versions of a document being created and circulated amongst many parties frequently. Allowing legal firms to easily manage documents while giving them the tools they need to maintain an accurate history of documents can be powerful.

Startup and Enterprise Legal Operations

Different businesses have different legal needs. The startup industry is rapidly involving and often has new laws with little legal precedence. For example, over the past few years investing in private companies and startups has taken off. These companies, however, are not subject to the same financial disclosures as public companies, and thus investments in them are riskier. Online platforms and software to streamline the raising of funds and investing in startups is a relatively new industry that legal tech has enabled.

Another area of startups that many individuals are exposed to through startup jobs is equity ownership or stock option exercising. These are complicated topics for average startup employees to comprehend and mistakes made can be very costly to individuals. Thus, it is another area that software can improve.

Of course, all business both public and private have unique legal needs. While we are not currently in a place to replace legal business experts, there are indeed common legal needs found throughout business law that can be heavily automated with legal software.

Family Law

Expensive litigation and legal processes such as divorce are ripe for disruption. When dealing with family law, the stakes are extremely high. Marital issues, divorce, and child custody are just some of the topics that family law covers. These are uniquely complicated topics, and they are areas where software automation can help eliminate human error and decrease costs. Divorce and child custody can be mentally and financially taxing and opportunities to mitigate legal costs are wide ranging.

Law Practice Management Software

Law firms and legal service providers are expensive. Software that makes legal service providers more efficient, especially at scale, can save time and money for all parties involved. Managing a legal practice can have a lot of moving pieces, but legal tech software can help with inefficiencies across the board. Tedious responsibilities of lawyers such as time tracking, task management, client communication, and other repetitive tasks are large opportunities for improvement. Creating law firm software that is applicable to a wide range of legal firms is a potentially lucrative endeavor.

Legal Research

Custom legal research software such as LexisNexis is imperative for law students and for lawyers that are looking for precedence or doing legal research. Legal research tools that make it easier to find cases relevant to a given topic and understand how courts have historically interpreted cases is extremely useful for lawyers.

All Sorts of other Areas

There are a ton of different areas of law, each with their own intricacies and needs. While common threads can be found throughout them such as contract signing, opportunities to address inefficiencies in the legal industry exist in every corner of the market. Traditional law firm clients can be brought to disruptive online technologies when legal tech professional services and lawyer costs are diminished by automation.

Our Legal Software Services

Flatirons focuses on the creation of custom software applications. If you need a web or mobile app to streamline repetitive legal services or to make your legal practice more efficient, we provide legal software development services that can help you. Legal tech has the ability to transfer how legal services are offered and how legal matters are processed.
With the help of Flatirons, we were able to launch a large update to our platform, introducing new innovative tools for our clients. The information was complex but Flatirons found creative ways to present it, making it feel simple and easy to understand.
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With the help of Flatirons, we were able to launch a large update to our platform, introducing new innovative tools for our clients. The information was complex but Flatirons found creative ways to present it, making it feel simple and easy to understand.
Jeremy Zaborowski
Jeremy Zaborowski
Co-Founder & CTO