The Best CSV Import Tool

The Best Flatfile Alternative: Flatirons Fuse vs. Flatfile

The Best CSV Import Tool

Flatirons Fuse is the #1 Flatfile Alternative

Flatirons Fuse, a Flatfile competitor, is data onboarding and CSV importer tool. Fuse allows your customers or your operations teams to quickly upload data from any source, map it to your system, clean the data, and import it. Your developers can easily embed our CSV import tool into your application. Flatirons Fuse prides itself on reasonable pricing and transparency, both of which Flatfile lacks.
Embeddable CSV Importer

Embeddable CSV Importer

The Flatirons Fuse CSV importer is fully embeddable into your website, making the experience of importing CSV data feel completely integrated to end users.

Powerful Data Validations

Powerful Data Validations

Flatirons Fuse allows for custom data validations, allowing you to provide clean validation messages to end users so that they can fix any data errors before submitting clean data to your backend.

Custom Data Transformations

Custom Data Transformations

Flatirons Fuse allows for powerful data transformations, enabling you to take data from any format and ensure that it fits your own data schema. You can implement transformations in code, allowing you to perform any data manipulation necessary.

AI-Powered Column Matching

AI-Powered Column Matching

Manual column matching can be time-consuming and tedious. The Flatirons Fuse CSV importer will automatically match columns from an uploaded template into your own data schema for a simpler data import experience.

CSV Uploader Custom Styling

CSV Uploader Custom Styling

Our CSV importer is fully customizable. Apply your logo and colors to make the CSV import experience fully match your own brand.



Flatirons Fuse does not submit your CSV data, nor your customers' CSV data, to our servers. We take security very seriously and our CSV importer is built for extremely secure applications.

Flatirons Fuse vs. Flatfile

A comparison of some of the main features offered by Flatirons Fuse and Flatfile.


Flatfile's pricing is expensive by all measures. As of 2022, Flatfile’s price ranges from $6,000/year to $50,000/year+ depending on the number of employees you have and how much funding you’ve received. While they do have discounts for very-early stage companies that can make the product free if you have under 5 employees or less than $1M in funding, Flatfile very quickly becomes expensive as you grow. In contrast, Flatirons Fuse starts at just $59/month and is free to try.



Flatirons Fuse does not submit your CSV data to its servers. We simply submit metadata about imports to our backend. This means that you can use our tooling without worrying about your data being stored on our servers. Flatfile, on the other hand, has features that will submit and store your data on their servers. You can even see imported data in their user interface. This is not a risk worth taking with your customers data.


Flatirons Fuse and Flatfile have similar feature sets. Both have embeddable CSV file importers that allow for large data imports, custom styling, AI-powered column matching, and more. Flatirons Fuse focuses on ensuring the data imports are user-friendly for everyone. Because Flatfile pricing is very expensive, they are more focused on large enterprise use cases, some of which are not relevant to small to medium-sized companies.

Setup Experience

Because Flatfile pricing starts at very expensive price points, they have a very sales-oriented onboarding experience. Many companies go through a series of calls with their team before being able to deploy their Flatfile implementation. Flatirons Fuse is happy to talk when you want to talk, but you are completely able to implement and deploy Flatirons Fuse without intervention from our team.

Artificial Intelligence

Both Flatirons Fuse and Flatfile utilize AI. While we can't speak for Flatfile, Flatirons Fuse intends to make heavy use of AI in the future.

Strong Community

Customer Success

With Flatirons Fuse you will be assigned a dedicated customer success representative to ensure that your data onboarding experience is setup correctly and to answer any questions you might have.

Flatfile vs. Flatirons Fuse FAQs

Frequently asked questions about how Flatirons Fuse works as an alternative to Flatfile.

Flatirons Fuse and Flatfile are both customer data onboarding tools that offer an embeddable CSV import tool. They allow you to provide seamless data import experiences for your customers or for your internal data onboarding teams. The main differences between Flatirons Fuse and Flatfile is that Flatfile is much more expensive, and Flatfile can be configured to store your imported data. Flatirons Fuse is reasonably and transparently priced, and we never store your data. Flatfile competitors like Flatirons Fuse offer distinct advantages.

Yes, Flatirons Fuse can be embedded directly into your website. It can also be used directly from the Fuse website using the Fuse-hosted mode. We recommend embedding Flatirons Fuse into your website if your customers will be uploading data to it directly. If you are using Flatirons Fuse as an internal tool, the Fuse hosted mode can help you utilize Fuse without the overhead of requiring developers to embed it into your platform.

Yes, both Flatirons Fuse and Flatfile have robust customization features for the CSV file importers. It is possible to add your logo and branding to the data importers.

Flatfile stores uploaded data based on your configuration of their platform. Flatirons Fuse never stores your imported data.

Flatirons Fuse has transparent pricing that is available right on our homepage. Flatfile, on the other hand, is very expensive and does not advertise its pricing. Expect to need a sales conversation with the Flatfile sales team in order to get an idea of pricing.

If you are looking for an off the shelf, customizable customer data onboarding experience, then Flatirons Fuse is the best Flatfile competitor. No other alternative to Flatfile comes close to Flatirons Fuse. Other Flatfile competitors exist, but none compare to Flatirons Fuse.