Top Flatfile Competitors in 2024

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Flatfile is a data onboarding solution offering an embedded CSV importer, allowing users to seamlessly upload and import data into their system. Flatfile enables users to perform data transformations to align their data with the system’s schema and map CSV data from external systems into yours. Despite the promising features of Flatfile for data management and import processes, it has certain shortcomings. First and foremost, Flatfile is prohibitively expensive for many companies looking for a solution for data imports. Additionally, because Flatfile stores customer data on its system, certain companies are uncomfortable with its solution.

Let’s look at the top five Flatfile competitors in the market.

Flatirons Fuse

Flatiron Fuse is an AI-powered CSV import tool that is a powerful Flatfile alternative. Customers of Fuse can embed a CSV importer directly into their website, allowing users to upload CSV or spreadsheet data from any external source and quickly transform the data to match the target system.

Flatirons Fuse’s artificial intelligence capabilities enable users to map data from external systems to the target system efficiently. It has tools to allow users to address validation errors, ensuring that data imported into a system is clean and matches the system’s needs.

Flatiron’s Fuse can be seamlessly embedded into your website or application for use by internal teams or customers alike. Internal teams can use this tool to facilitate the import of customer data from new sales or by customers themselves to upload their data to your system. Flatirons Fuse is an alternative to CSVBox.

With Flatiron Fuse, organizations can deliver a streamlined customer data onboarding experience while freeing developer time with just a few lines of code. One of the key selling points of Flatiron Fuse is its ability to provide the most straightforward method for importing client data from any source. Some of the key features of Flatirons Fuse include:

  • Embeddable CSV import tool

  • AI-powered column matching

  • Custom data transformations

  • Front-end and back-end data validations

  • Custom styling & branding

  • Powerful error handling

  • Internationalization

React CSV Importer

If you are looking for a bare-bones open-source library for CSV imports, React CSV importer can be a practical Flatfile competitor to look at. While React CSV Importer is more development work than an off-the-shelf tool like Flatfile or Flatirons Fuse, some companies may prefer to build their own import experiences.

Features include:

  • Raw file preview
  • Drag-drop UI to remap input columns as needed.
  • i18n (EN, DA, DE, IT, PT, TR or custom)
  • Standalone CSS stylesheet (no frameworks required)
  • TypeScript support


Segment is a comprehensive customer data platform that facilitates customer data collection, cleaning, and activation. Segment is not necessarily a direct competitor to Flatfile. It does not allow for an embeddable CSV import experience like Flatfile and Flatirons Fuse. However, it can be very useful in moving data between different sources.

Segment offers powerful data integration capabilities, allowing you to integrate data from multiple applications for analytical purposes efficiently. By leveraging these capabilities, you can gain actionable insights into customer behavior and preferences, enabling you to build better products and optimize your business operations.

Furthermore, Segment’s platform allows you to establish a centralized data repository, streamlining the management of your data pipeline. This centralization enables you to use the same data across all your applications and tools, improving efficiency and consistency throughout your organization.


Zapier is a comprehensive automation platform that enables users to connect over a thousand commercial web applications at various levels. This platform enables users to connect two or more web apps, streamlining their workflows and nearly automating tedious tasks. Though not exclusively designed for data import, it offers robust data integration capabilities.

Zapier’s no-code platform allows organizations to automate tasks across more than 4,000 web apps quickly. This platform empowers users to automate complex workflows and eliminate repetitive tasks that hinder their team’s productivity. With Zapier, users can improve the efficiency of their systems by leveraging the platform’s extensive range of data integrations, which surpasses those offered by other services.

By seamlessly integrating the tools you use and creating personalized processes that align with your working style, you can unlock the full potential of automation using Zapier.


Flatfile has several competitors in the market. Some of them, like Flatirons Fuse, offer a direct alternative to the Flatfile experience by providing an embeddable CSV import tool. Others, like Zapier, are alternative ways to look at moving data between systems.

We hope this roundup of Flatfile competitors was helpful.

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