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Flatirons Fuse is an embeddable CSV importer that makes importing data to your website a breeze.

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Your Customer’s Data

Let your customers upload CSV files or do it on their behalf.

Transformed & Cleaned

Auto-adjust and correct customer data to match your own schema.

Imported like Magic

Don’t worry about messy errors; our powerful validation system has you covered.

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Powering 300+ Data Import Experiences Worldwide

How It Works.

Step 1: Configure an Importer

Or ask us to do it for you. An Importer defines columns, data types, custom validation rules, and data transformations. We are happy to set your entire experience up if you don't have time.

Step 2: Install our JS Library

Use NPM, Yarn, or our CDN to add our JavaScript library to your app. Alternatively, if you don't wish to host Fuse, we can host it for you.

Step 3: Start Importing Data

Customers or operations teams can drag and drop CSV files from any source to import data into your system. Our CSV importer will help them map and transform data to match your requirements.

Secure by Default.


We are HIPAA-compliant and ready to sign a BAA with your organization.


We meet the requirements for handling personal data under GDPR.


For our customers in California, rest assured we comply with the CCPA.

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What You'll Remember Us For.

Seamless Data Cleaning

Cleaning data is exhausting. Our CSV importer quickly identifies problematic areas and guides you through correcting them.

Powerful Data Transformations

Quickly transform data from any uploaded CSV file into the format you require. Combine columns, manipulate text, change formatting, etc.

Custom Validation Rules

We support every data validation rule you could dream up. Make sure that data is clean the first time you import it with our intelligent validation errors.

More Features to Love.

Data Imports for
Every Team Member.

Operations & CX

Stop wasting your time cleaning and wrangling customer data to get it into your system. Let our CSV importer do the hard work for you.


Low the barrier of entry to your product by accepting CSV imports from all of your competitors. Supporting external customer data is no longer a hurdle to closing a sale.


Don't reinvent the wheel on data import experiences. Get back to building the features that are mission-critical for your company.


Stop bothering engineers to handle one-off data imports. Flatirons Fuse is a CSV import experience that will accept imports from any competitor or external product. Get back to prioritizing the work that's important for your business.

Pricing for Businesses of All Sizes.

Choose the plan that’s right for your customers’ needs.

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Includes 10 million cells and 100 files.
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Unlimited Team Members
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/ month
Includes 10 million cells and 100 files.
+ $2
per million extra
+ $1
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Implementation Examples for
Every Library.

React CSV Importer

We love React.js. Our NPM package can be imported into a React app and you directly in your component tree. See our documentation on implementing a React CSV importer.

Angular CSV Importer

Using Angular.js? Quickly install our NPM package and have our CSV import tool running in minutes. See our documentation on implementing an Angular CSV importer.

Vue CSV Importer

For all the Vue.js fans, our NPM package can be added to your Vue.js application and integrates directly with your existing code. See our documentation on creating a Vue CSV importer.

JavaScript CSV Importer

Naturally, our library works with jQuery and other JavaScript frameworks as well. See our Quickstart Examples to see how to configure the CSV importer for your application.

Built by Data Import Experts.

Data Import Experts

Importing CSV data is our thing.

We are a team of highly experienced software engineers, product designers, product managers, and entrepreneurs who care a lot about building beautiful, quality products. We built Flatirons Fuse after a few of our clients came to us with the need for a CSV import tool.

Our goal is to make the process of uploading, transforming, and cleaning data as seamless as possible.

This is a huge part of who we are, and we love it. But data onboarding comes with a lot of complexity and the need for ongoing dev time and support. Let us handle it so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Frequently Asked Questions.

You don't have to install the CSV importer on your website, but in many cases it's better to do so. Embedding the CSV importer in your website gives you the most flexibility and control over your data import experience. For straightforward use cases, you can use the CSV importer directly through the Fuse interface.

The CSV importer works with any JavaScript framewrok. Our documentation has examples for getting up and running with React.js, Vue.js, jQuery, and vanilla JavaScript. However, it's easy to import our JavaScript package and use the CSV importer in other frameworks as well.

Yes! Right now, we are offering a white glove service to setup the CSV import experience for all subscribers on our Pro and Unlimited tiers. If you are interested in Fuse and ready to move forward with a subscription, you can send us your spreadsheet templates and we will do all of the legwork to setup your CSV importers. We will even write custom code into your CSV importers to handle complex data transformations and validations.

Currently we support files up to 10mb in a single CSV import. This typically translates to a CSV file with more than 100,000 rows. If you need support for larger CSV file sizes, let us know so we can discuss your particular use case.

Yes, Fuse makes it very easy to clean spreadsheet data. We support complex data transformations of all shapes and sizes. Common use cases for cleaning data include combining multiple columns into one column, splitting the data in one column into multiple columns, validating data types, and ensuring that data in a column matches a specific format. The goal of Fuse is to provide 100% clean data upon submission of a CSV file to your system.

Yes, the CSV importer accepts XLS, XLSX, TSV, and CSV files.

The CSV importer lets you submit data to your system in any format that you want. Our JavaScript provides you with an array of records that can be submitted in JSON or any other format that you want. Because of this, we can integrate with any API or backend system, and we support different forms of authentication.

The CSV importer uses A.I. in a number of ways. A.I. helps with auto-mapping of columns between spreadsheets, as well as with transforming and cleaning CSV data.