Real Estate Software Development

We create custom real estate software solutions for real estate professionals and the real estate market.

What is Software Development for Real Estate?

Real estate software development refers to the creation of custom software that helps real estate professionals and real estate companies streamline their businesses. The real estate market is a heavy regulated and extremely important industry in the United States. Many Americans have large portions of their wealth invested in real estate.

Custom real estate software solutions can make the real estate industry more efficient, and even streamline crucial economic operations such as the sale or purchase of real estate property. At Flatirons we build tools and user experiences that make real estate transactions more pleasant.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Software Development

If you work in the real estate industry, chances are you are familiar with the MLS. While some view the MLS as an amazing asset to real estate agents and real estate brokers by providing them the ability to quickly sync real estate transactional data to many technologies, software engineers commonly see the MLS as archaic and hard to deal with. There are around 600 MLS feeds in the United States, and each MLS is essentially a custom API.

The different MLS feeds tend to have different formats for consuming and serving data. This presents a unique challenge to real estate companies that rely heavily on market data as the normalization of real estate data from MLS feeds is a slow and time consuming process. We have experience normalizing MLS data and can help you navigate the confusing world of MLS feeds.

Real Estate IDX Software Development

Internet Data Exchange, or IDX solutions, allow real estate agents and brokers to build custom real estate software that interacts directly with their MLS feeds. Digital real estate IDX solutions allow end users to search for real estate properties, view properties for sale, and consume pictures and data about specific properties. This is the type of software that powers real estate platforms like Zillow. Custom real estate solutions are commonly used to provide brokerages and agents with these types of IDX solutions.

Real Estate Photography Software

Real estate photography companies are one of the most important aspects of real estate marketing. These companies provide photography, 3D tours, aerial drone shoots, and videos of properties that are for sale or for rent. For the majority of residential real estate prospective buyers, interactions with properties occur casually by scrolling through photos that are taken by real estate photographers. Real estate photography software can help real estate photographers manage their businesses and streamline the process of getting photography assets uploaded to the MLS.

For every property a real estate agent lists on the MLS, they need a real estate photographer to come to the house and take photos of their listing. Meanwhile, real estate photographers have a heavy schedule of properties they have to drive to. Custom real estate software can make the real estate photography process more efficient process.

Real estate photography is just one example of real estate property marketing. Real estate lead management, lead generation, agent marketing, and IDX solutions are typically other avenues for real estate software development.

Custom Real Estate Loan Software

Loans power the majority of real estate transactions. For many people, a real estate loan will be the largest loan and largest debt they will ever take on. These loans can be very valuable to banks, and very important for potential buyers to make smart choices about. Custom software development can help facilitate the flow of information and ultimately the loan process for real estate properties. The banking industry and the real estate loan market is heavily regulated and it is important for any company operating in this area to take laws and regulations into consideration when building loan software.

Real Estate Transaction Software

A real estate transaction typically refers to the purchase or sale of real estate property, most commonly residential real estate or commercial real estate. There are many parts to the real estate transaction process, from obtaining a loan all the way to transferring money to a seller. Custom software can be found throughout the real estate transaction process. Interacting with and hiring real estate agents, getting photography for your listing, interacting with property inspectors, and facilitating the actual payment process are just a few of the areas that custom real estate software solutions typically impact.

Residential real estate software and commercial real estate software can help operators in the industry make better decisions about purchases or help streamline the real estate purchase process. When it comes to real estate purchases, efficiency of lead generation and access to the latest market insights and property data can be life changing.

Short Estate Rental and Property Management Software

The real estate property management industry is booming, creating a need for better and better property management software solutions. Short term residential property rentals and secondary homes have increased in popularity, driving the need for custom real estate applications that can manage rental listings as well as entire properties. As more and more companies and individual have entered the short term rental market, property management software that helps small property managers with short term transactions has become very important. This is why companies like Airbnb and VRBO shine.

Custom real estate software can help property managers and property owners effectively manage their properties and listings. Property management software has been increasing in popularity as vacation rentals and second homes have needed more professional management tools. When it comes to short term rentals, customer relationship management software is key for business owners.

Real Estate Mobile Apps

Custom mobile app development for iOS, Android, and tablets is heavily used in real estate. Custom software or real estate platforms such as Zillow are a main way for prospective buyers and sellers to find out about each other and interact. Mobile apps have become very important to the real estate transaction process as home buyers and homeowners increasingly look to their pockets to casually scroll through interesting content. When it comes to consumer facing web and mobile applications, user experience is key and a talented user experience designer that understands the real estate sector can help elevate your application.

Real Estate Web Applications

At Flatirons, we build custom web applications of all shapes and sizes for the real estate industry. Whether you’re a real estate professional looking to streamline your real estate business, a technology company looking to disrupt the real estate transaction process, or a real estate administrator looking to manage inventory, we can build custom real estate software for your needs. Residential Real estate owners, commercial property owners, real estate developers,  property managers, real estate agents, and brokers are a short list of real estate professionals that can benefit from custom solutions.

Our Real Estate Development Experience

At Flatirons, we have the real estate industry knowledge to build intelligent real estate software of all different shapes and sizes. Our specialities are custom real estate mobile apps and custom real estate web apps of any size or any complexity. Our real estate software developers can create stunning real estate software solutions that will exceed your expectations.

Our creative solutions and user-centered design team can provide you with custom real estate mobile app development or custom real estate web app development. Whether we operate as a dedicated team or through staff augmentation, our cross-functional team of software experts will make your project a success.

With the help of Flatirons, we were able to launch a large update to our platform, introducing new innovative tools for our clients. The information was complex but Flatirons found creative ways to present it, making it feel simple and easy to understand.
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With the help of Flatirons, we were able to launch a large update to our platform, introducing new innovative tools for our clients. The information was complex but Flatirons found creative ways to present it, making it feel simple and easy to understand.
Jeremy Zaborowski
Jeremy Zaborowski
Co-Founder & CTO