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Our Custom Software Services

Flatirons is a team of expert web developers, mobile developers, and product designers. We build custom software tailored to your businesses needs.
Full-Stack Web Development

Full-Stack Web Development

We create custom full-stack web apps. From front-end interactions all the way to database performance optimization, we handle all aspects of web application development.

UI Design

UI Design

UI design is an opportunity to stand out from your competitors and make your brand noticeable and rememberable.

UX Design

UX Design

Above all else, software should be intuitive to use. Our UX designers simplify the most complex experiences.

Android Development

Android Development

Yep. Our team are top Android developers as well. When necessary, we make use of Kotlin. We understand native Android experiences and can leverage React Native to build them.

iOS Development

iOS Development

Our React Native team is a group of iOS experts. We know native programming languages like Swift, and how to make React Native work best for iOS.

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

Need someone to take over your existing React project, or need a consultancy that will be there to maintain your React project after launch? We maintain software projects of all shapes and sizes.

Our Software Development Skillsets

Flatirons is a full-service software development shop. We offer UX/UI product design, web development, mobile development, and more.

User Experience Design

User experience and user interaction design are imperative to any mobile app. Strategic user experience and mobile design leads to intuitive experiences and reduces development waste, and UI design leaves a lasting impression.

User Interface Design

User interface design is an opportunity to stand out. Whether you are building a cross-platform app or a native app, we create mobile apps that your users will love.

Mobile App Development

The front-end of your mobile app is what matters to end users. We create custom mobile experiences that are intuitive and well-designed using the best technologies such as React Native and Flutter.

Back-end Development

Our back-end web app developers create scalable and performant APIs. We are database and performance experts and can ensure that the back end of your web application is maintainable and scales with your company.

Front-end Development

The front end of your application is what matters to end users. We create custom front-end experiences that are intuitive and well-designed using the best technologies such as React.js and Vue.js.

Project Management

Project managers are the heart of any web development project. Our team of project managers is trained in scrum and other agile practices. We keep your project on time and on budget.

Quality Assurance Testing

We believe in testing web applications with a healthy mix of automated testing and manual QA. Our team of dedicated testers will ensure that your custom web app functions as it was designed to.

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We are experts in creating custom web and mobile applications.

Don’t just take our word for it.
Flatiron's work optimized site design and flow. The creative lead at Flatirons demonstrated exceptional UX know-how, integrating usability and design to deliver a powerful product. The client came out of the engagement with a wider understanding of the most important platform features.
Heidi Hildebrandt

Director of Product

With the help of Flatirons Development, we were able to launch a large update to our platform, introducing new innovative tools for our clients. The information was complex but Flatirons found creative ways to present it, making it feel simple and easy to understand.
Jeremy Zaborowski

Co-Founder & CTO

They deconstructed our idea and provided it back to us in an incredibly smart and accessible manner. Flatirons Development is constantly solving problems in both a visually stunning and intelligent way.
Storey Jones

Founder and CEO

Our company is growing, and as we started looking to scale, we wanted a more efficient business model. We hired Flatirons Development to build a platform that would help connect talent with the right company.
Brian Bar

Founder and CEO

Custom Software Services FAQs

Flatirons can help you create a custom web or mobile application tailored for your business needs.

We love React Native and Flutter. While native app development is sometimes a requirement, for many businesses paying for separate applications is nonsensical. React Native and Flutter can create near-native performance and user experience.

We love web frameworks that have a proven track record and provide standards that allow for rapid development and scalability. To that end, we mainly focus on Ruby on Rails and Node.js.

User interface design (or, UI design) has to do with the visual style of your application. User experience design deals more with the holistic journey that a user takes through your software.

The answer is many! Most commonly, we use back-end web frameworks like Node.js, Nest.js, Adonis.js, and Ruby on Rails to create back-end APIs. On the front-end, popular technologies like React.js and Vue.js have come a long way in terms of allowing for complex interactions and scalable front-end code.

Of course. We always support the web applications we build after the initial release. And, we are happy to take over existing web apps and provide ongoing maintenance and support for needed changes.

Creating back-end APIs separate from dedicated front-end experiences creates strong separation of concern. When your back-end is not coupled to the front-end, you can create reusable API endpoints, and the front-end of your web or mobile app can focus on creating great user experiences.