Custom Healthcare Software Development


Our Custom Healthcare Software Services

We are a team of expert web and mobile developers specializes in healthcare and can build custom full-stack web applications or cross-platform mobile apps.
Healthcare Mobile Apps

Healthcare Mobile Apps

We create HIPAA-compliant healthcare mobile applications for iOS and Android. We can build native apps or cross-platform apps, and even integrate with healthcare IoT devices.

Healthcare Web Applications

Healthcare Web Applications

We specialize heavily in custom healthcare web apps. When off-the-shelf solutions are not a good fit, we can build you the custom apps that your healthcare company needs.

Healthcare IoT Solutions

Healthcare IoT Solutions

Healthcare wearables and other healthcare devices improve patient and user lives, and we love creating and integrating with IoT solutions.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

We are HIPAA compliant and are ready to sign a Business Associate Agreement with your company, and can even help you maintain HIPAA compliance for your own business.

Healthcare UX/UI Design

Healthcare UX/UI Design

We believe in functional design and joyful user experiences. Our team is roughly 50% web and mobile designers specializing in user-centric web experiences.

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

Have an existing healthcare app that you need maintenance for? We take over development for plenty of applications and provide ongoing support and maintenance.

Life-Changing Healthcare Software

At Flatirons Development we specialize in all types of HIPAA-compliant healthcare software.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Building integrations with the top Electronic Health Record storage companies is key to the success of many healthcare applications. Companies like Epic, Oracle, Meditech, and Evident provide systems for storing health records electronically, and accessing healthcare information usually means interacting with these popular EHR systems. Our healthcare software developers have experience integrating with popular EHR systems in order to streamline the digestion and integration of EHR data. The security of electronic health records is imperative and we treat all applications that deal with EHR data with the best in class security solutions.

Telehealth and Virtual Care Software

In the post-COVID world, access to telehealth services and virtual patient care has become a staple of healthcare for many patients and for many medical providers. Telehealth and virtual care options helps address some of the most fundamental issues with healthcare, including healthcare costs and access to quality care. Flatirons Development believes in building healthcare software that improves patient care and accessibility.

Custom Hospital Staffing Software

Staffing nurses, travel nurses, doctors, and other healthcare personnel can be a very difficult job, especially in the post-COVID world. We can create experiences that make hospital staffing easier for all parties. Custom software development has the power to ease all of the pains associated with staffing and tracking hospital personnel, making a positive impact on everyone involved in the hospital experience. Accurate and timely staffing elevates the patient care experience, eliminates costs associated with inefficiencies, and ultimately increases profitability for hospitals. Hospital staffing solutions are a win for all parties.

Custom Healthcare Patient Experiences

Patient experiences are key to the future of healthcare services and healthcare software. We believe that in order to provide the best patient care, a software company must constantly be in tune with the journey that patients go through, trying to alleviate pain at every step. In the future, being a medical professional that is a part of a healthcare company will mean focusing on the patient experience. It is inevitable in all forms of software that the end user experience will dictate the winning software companies. From outpatient mental health services to inpatient hospital stays, medical software has the opportunity to make fundamental impacts on the care provided to patients.

Remote Patient Monitoring

As the move towards remote health monitoring and telehealth has gained steam, it has become increasingly clear that telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions will be an imperative part of the patient care experience moving forward. Medical professionals and patients need telehealth software solutions that are easy to use and that provide quality telehealth experiences. We believe in low cost access to quality healthcare, and we believe that software is a powerful tool to provide greater access to quality care.

Medicine Management

Over the past decade, states have increasingly required prescriptions to be electronically transmitted from prescribing physicians to pharmacies. Hence the move to e-prescription software for prescribers, pharmacies, and patients. The transition to electronic prescriptions helps minimize human error and drug abuse within the prescription drug industry while improving the way that patients interact with pharmacies. E-prescriptions are a perfect example of how small changes in healthcare can make fundamental impacts on peoples lives.

Hire Healthcare Developers Today

Our developers and designers specialize in healthcare web and mobile apps. Our team is trained in HIPAA compliance and understand best practices for the healthcare industry.

Don’t just take our word for it.
Flatiron's work optimized site design and flow. The creative lead at Flatirons demonstrated exceptional UX know-how, integrating usability and design to deliver a powerful product. The client came out of the engagement with a wider understanding of the most important platform features.
Heidi Hildebrandt

Director of Product

Our company is growing, and as we started looking to scale, we wanted a more efficient business model. We hired Flatirons Development to build a platform that would help connect talent with the right company.
Brian Bar

Founder and CEO

With the help of Flatirons Development, we were able to launch a large update to our platform, introducing new innovative tools for our clients. The information was complex but Flatirons found creative ways to present it, making it feel simple and easy to understand.
Jeremy Zaborowski

Co-Founder & CTO

They deconstructed our idea and provided it back to us in an incredibly smart and accessible manner. Flatirons Development is constantly solving problems in both a visually stunning and intelligent way.
Storey Jones

Founder and CEO

Custom Healthcare Software Services FAQs

Our custom healthcare software services can help you build HIPAA-compliant, user-centric web and mobile apps that impact lives.

Yes, we are HIPAA compliant. Our team members are trained in HIPAA security and compliance. We work with many healthcare companies and are comfortable signing a Business Associate Agreement when necessary.

There are many different types of healthcare apps. Prescription management, EHR systems, staffing software, billing software, fitness solutions, and compliance tools are just some of the healthcare solutions we have experience with.

We often do cross-platform mobile development using React Native. This allows us to use one codebase while deploying to both iOS and Android. When needed, we build healthcare mobile apps with native technologies like Swift and Kotlin.

We are big believers in using the best tool for the job. While we have experience with .NET and C#, we also specialize in Ruby on Rails, Node.js, React.js and React Native.

We like to use either Heroku or AWS. Heroku can be more expensive for HIPAA-compliant applications, but it takes a lot of DevOps work off of everyones hands. We are experienced with setting up HIPAA-compliant architecture on AWS using the best practices supplied by Amazon.

Yes, we sure do. We have worked heavily with applications that have needed to go through the FDA clinical trial processes.