Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Testing that Promotes Stability.

A fresh pair of experienced QA eyes can deliver the insights you need. Let us be those eyes.

Are your processes holding you back? Are there problems with your code that are not immediately apparent? Are you held back by legacy workflows? Is there a more efficient way to test your solutions? Is there a better way forward? While we believe automated testing is great, it never completely compares to a pair of eyes looking at your product. That’s why we work in both automated and manual Quality Assurance.

Our Quality Assurance Testers can help you build a better product.

Meet the team

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Santiago Llanos

Santiago Llanos

Senior QA Engineer

Santiago stays on top of the quality of his projects so they fulfill the client’s vision. He also likes to play video games, watch movies, play card games, exercise, and spend time with friends and family.

João Ribeiro

João Ribeiro

QA Engineer

Just a guy who likes to play games and loves technology. When he’s not at his PC working or playing a game, you can find him tending to his plants while having a cold beer... or watching a new TV show.


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