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App development is a huge industry whether it’s an Android app or one for computers or operating systems. Much of the app development process centers around how Flutter made it possible for apps to be built with Flutter framework.

Apps created with Flutter do everything from social media marketing to producing ad campaign statistics. More than 30 apps are or have been in Flutter development.

Reasons for using Flutter include that the software development kit is simple and launching is fast. Below is a listing of top apps built with Flutter using the open-source framework and a look at the development process.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia allows game streaming using either iOS or Android apps. Stadia was the breakthrough app built using the software development kit that encouraged other developers to integrate Flutter into apps.Google Ads

Google Ads joined in app development using the same development process as Flutter. The app allows Google Ads management on a mobile device including the ability to edit campaigns and enable alerts.


Reflectly is one of the native apps that was the result of cross-platform app development. This app tracks your moods and allows AI to assist with a personal journal. It initially had a problem but the Flutter framework had an existing solution. It’s available as both iOS and Android apps.


Groupon is a popular Flutter app developed and is used on multiple platforms to save money. It’s had 50 million downloads and comes in two forms because Flutter enables a consumer version and a merchant version.ebay motors popular apps with flutter

eBay Motors

The eBay Motors app is one of the most successful Flutter apps built on the Flutter framework for cross-platform development. It allows anyone to buy or sell a car from mobile phones.Hamilton popular apps with flutter


The Hamilton app was created from the Broadway musical. The Hamilton app includes access to cast videos, karaoke tracks, and more. Using Flutter app development allowed developers to build one app for both iOS and Android platforms rather than two independent popular apps with flutter

Phillips Hue

Phillips Hue Flutter app is one of the apps built with the robust system Flutter offers on the Flutter framework. It allows homeowners to control a smart home lighting system.inKino


The inKino Flutter app shares coding between the web and Flutter as it has Dart programming language allowing it to be on multiple platforms. This Flutter app allows people to surf movies and showtimes in Finnkino Cinemas.



Cryptomaniac Pro is one of the apps built with Flutter a programming language that keeps up with 1600 cryptocurrencies. This app development was so successful the company now has four apps on Google Play.


The New York Times

The New York Times used Flutter app development to create their KenKen game once the Flutter framework allowed those developing apps to code for both the web and desktop platforms.



Flydirekt is an app built with Flutter framework that allows travelers to find flights. It also has weather forecasts and seat availability, making it one of the best Flutter apps.

Birch Finance

Birch Finance is one of the financial Flutter apps that helps manage credit cards. It picks the card best for certain purchases, specific habits, and use on a shopping platform.


Insight Timer

The Insight Timer Flutter app provides optimal health balance by helping sleep with meditation. It is a popular Flutter app built using the Flutter framework with over 9 million users. This app has a library of songs, guided meditations, and exercises.

hookle popular apps with flutter


Hookle is a Flutter app that helps the management of social media from one place. It integrates with any major social media website.


The Toughest Flutter App is one coming out of mobile app development that prepares people for a job interview. It has questions and answers employers may ask.

Weight Tracker popular apps with flutter

Weigh Tracker

The Weight Tracker app built with Flutter framework helps those who want to stay in shape or lose weight by tracking both motivation and progress.

Beer Me Up popular apps with flutter

Beer Me Up

The Beer Me Up is handy for those keeping track of what they drink and like. It’s available as both an Android and iOS app.SpaceX popular apps with flutter

Space X Go

Space X Go is an app built on the Flutter framework that gives access to a wealth of information including launch times. It also has a spaceship locator thrown in for fun by app developers.Grab


Grab is a Flutter app that is one of the successful food delivery apps built with Flutter and available on iOS and Android platforms. Merchants showcase their menus and people order for delivery.

Flutter also has an Instagram clone product where you can create your own app, design multiple Instagram photos, and create professional-looking Instagram images, for Android devices or using an iOS app.


Many try to build apps but the process of launching an app can be longer than expected. Apps built with Flutter can go to market in just two months with unique app features and highly delivering performance applications available to both Android users and as part of iOS apps.

Flutter does this by open-sourcing, which can offer functionality on both operating systems and a cross-platform solution.

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