Web Development Outsourcing: A Comprehensive Guide

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With over 5 billion internet users, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that web development is a booming industry. The online sphere also provides more space for business expansion. That means a much more expansive business landscape. 

In such a fiercely competitive environment, outsourcing web development projects can be a lifesaver for businesses that need to focus more on their core operations. Here’s an overview of the benefits of web development outsourcing. 

What Is Web Development Outsourcing?

Web development outsourcing means working with external parties to handle all or some of your web development tasks. Outsourcing partners can be individuals or agencies that specialize in web development and related services. 

Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing doesn’t necessarily mean sending work to other countries. Outsourcing can also happen within the same country or even the same city. 

Some types of web development outsourcing include: 

  • Full web development outsourcing 
  • Dedicated team outsourcing 

The web development company you outsource to has a range of professionals, from project managers and DevOps engineers to UX designers and software architects. 

Advantages of Outsourcing Web Development Services

Outsourced web development services provide businesses with numerous benefits. That’s especially true for startups and small businesses. Since they don’t have big budgets or extensive personnel, outsourcing can help level the playing field with more established businesses. 

Here are some other ways web development outsourcing can help businesses. 

Cost Savings

Part of the reason many businesses are reluctant to outsource web development is the misconception that outsourcing is expensive. That’s not true. 

When you outsource, you don’t have to hire and onboard a whole in-house team for the ongoing development project. It also means no additional costs like insurance, benefits, or office space. 

Depending on the partner you select, you may have to pay an hourly rate or a fixed fee for the entire project. In both cases, you end up paying less compared to in-house development.

Access to a Larger Talent Pool

Your house developers may be skilled, but outsourcing allows you to work with a larger pool of talent. The development company will have every type of professional whose services you could need. 

Plus, they usually have an experienced team that has already worked in your niche and industry before. So, their skill sets are not merely software-exclusive, they’re domain-specific, too. 

Focus on Core Business Activities

Putting together a house team is time-consuming. You have to spend time and money on the hiring process. Then, there’s the training, onboarding, and making sure everyone is working cohesively.

All these extra tasks take attention away from what your company does best: running your business. If you outsource web application development, you won’t have to worry about these extra tasks. 

Faster Turnaround Time

Of the benefits of outsourcing web development, faster turnaround time is often the most tempting to businesses. A dedicated team working on your development process means you not only reduce development costs but also reach your target audience in no time. 

Let’s take the example of a startup developing a SaaS application. You have to bring your app to the market. But app development isn’t the only task on your plate. You also need to market and advertise your app to reach potential users. 

There are two ways to go about it. One, do everything yourself. It could potentially result in delays. 

Two, you outsource app development to a development company. Your development partner takes care of building and launching your app while you focus on marketing and reaching your target audience. 

In the latter approach, both tasks get done simultaneously. So you reach the market faster and start generating revenue sooner. 

How to Choose the Right Outsourcing Partner

Web development outsourcing only works if you have the right partner by your side. Here’s how to find the right software development outsourcing company.

Define Your Project Requirements

Start by defining your project requirements in detail. What do you want your web application to achieve? Will the development partner work on the backend framework or the front end? Will they use a particular programming language? 

The key is to ensure you and your development partner are on the same page. First, be clear about your objectives. Then, relay it to the development partner. 

Research Potential Outsourcing Partners

Before you choose a web development outsourcing company, research at least five of them. Check the following: 

  • Are they onshore, nearshore, or offshore?
  • The kind of industries they serve or have served in the past 
  • Technologies they specialize in 
  • Experience 
  • Whether they offer maintenance services after the website launch
  • Their process 

An important part of your research should be to check how well the development company aligns with your project requirements. Most companies have an initial consultation during which you can evaluate their knowledge and expertise in your field. 

Your development partner doesn’t necessarily need to have a physical location. You can also work with a remote team. They usually also designate project managers for individual projects. So, you have a dedicated person to manage your project. A nearshore development partner can often provide the best combination of value and working conditions.

Check Their Portfolio and Client Reviews

Once you’ve decided on a few potential outsourcing partners, it’s time to check their portfolio and client reviews. One way is to ask them about their past projects. Also, go to their website or social media pages to see their work and read reviews from their clients. 

Don’t forget about third-party review sites. That’s where you find the most honest feedback. Many software outsourcing companies have profiles on Clutch, too. If you know of any business owners who have worked with the company before, reach out to them and ask about their experience. 

Unleash Your Website’s Potential With Expert Web Developers

Now that you’re familiar with the process of finding a custom web development partner, you’re all set to find one for your next project. At Flatirons, we fit the bill. 

Be it front-end, back-end, or full-stack development, our team can do it all. We also create custom web apps for businesses that don’t want to use off-the-shelf solutions. If you have an existing app, we can also provide support and maintenance services for it. Get in touch to learn more about how we make your web development outsourcing experience a win. 

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