Introducing Auto-Correct: Elevating Your CSV Import Experience

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What is Auto-Correct on Flatirons Fuse?

Flatirons Fuse Auto-Correct is a dynamic feature that takes your CSV import experience to the next level. With Auto-Correct, you can now define rules to automatically correct issues in uploaded CSV files. Some examples of things you can do with Auto-Correct include:

  • Combine first_name and last_name columns into a full_name column
  • Auto-format uploaded dates to the format accepted by your system
  • Add a country code to uploaded phone numbers

With Auto-Correct, users can now define transformations for individual columns, automating the process of adjusting field values according to their preferences.

How Does It Work?

Define Transformations:

  • Users have the flexibility to choose from a variety of transformations, such as “uppercase” for string columns, “date format” adjustments, and more.
  • Simply set your desired transformation rules during the import setup process.

Effortless Auto-Correction:

  • Once your file is uploaded and you reach the “Review” step, Flatirons Fuse automatically applies the defined transformations to the corresponding columns.
  • Watch as your data is instantly refined to meet your specifications without manual intervention.

We show a tooltip with the counter of how many fields we auto-corrected based on the applied transformation for different columns.

Why Choose Flatirons Fuse Auto-Correct?

  • Streamlined Process:

    Say goodbye to time-consuming manual corrections. Auto-Correct ensures a swift and error-free import process.

  • Customizable Transformations:

    Tailor the transformations to your specific needs. Whether it’s standardizing text formats or adjusting date fields, the power is in your hands.

  • Real-time Feedback:

    Stay informed with our intuitive tooltip feature. It provides a live counter of how many fields were auto-corrected based on the applied transformations for each column.

User-Friendly Experience with Tooltip Insights

We understand the importance of transparency and visibility in your data workflows. That’s why Flatirons Fuse includes a tooltip feature in the “Review” step. This tooltip not only showcases the applied transformations but also provides a real-time counter, giving you instant insights into the impact of your chosen corrections.

Get Started with Flatirons Fuse Auto-Correct Today

Embrace the future of CSV imports with Flatirons Fuse Auto-Correct. Make data transformation a breeze and elevate your data management experience. Ready to explore the possibilities? Dive into the enhanced features of Flatirons Fuse today.

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Flatirons Fuse is an enterprise-grade, embeddable CSV import solution.

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