MVP Development

We Love MVP Development and Startup Innovation

We're here to make your startup succeed.

While most agencies have teams that can build a product, we are operated by product owners specialized in MVP development. We even run our own SaaS product now. We come from in-house products, have struggled through the hurdles associated with finding product/market fit, have raised numerous rounds of funding, and ultimately understand the difference between creating a product and building a company.

We can work with your startup to

  • checkScope out an MVP into your most critical features
  • checkDefine an MVP that can be released within 3-4 months
  • checkLaunch your MVP with proper
  • checkIncorporate user feedback pre and post MVP
  • checkCreate a beautiful, intuitive
  • checkBuild disruptive web and hybrid mobile applications
Ouf Technologies

We specialize in startup-friendly technologies:

Ruby On Rails
Ruby on Rails is a robust open-source framework designed to streamline the creation of top resource intensive web-applications.
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React is an open-source JavaScript library that is specifically designed to build amazing single page UI experiences for websites and web applications.
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React Native
React Native builds upon the foundational strengths of React.js to bring amazing UI experiences to mobile applications.
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Node.js is designed for traditional websites and back-end APIs, with a specialization in event-driven, real-time, push-based architectures. It is lightweight, responsive and built to handle real-time communication and multimedia.
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