Product Squads

Our Team, Your Product.

A complete and integrated team, familiar with each other, ready to work on your product at a moment's notice.

Rather than build a team, hire one.

There are inherent challenges in building a successful team from scratch, and the results can be hit or miss. Finding the right resources poses difficulties, and once found, team members come and go, personalities may clash, or any number of other problems can occur. Our managed project squads take all the hassle out of the hiring process, and can cut the time of your project in half.

With our managed project squads, you can:

  • checkBenefit from a full team at the outset - project management, quality assurance, UX/UI design, and software development.
  • checkEliminate the hassle of building team chemistry.
  • checkEliminate the frustration of delays due to turnover and filling gaps.
  • checkEnsure all resources are dedicated to the project at hand - no competing responsibilities.
  • checkEnsure the right mix of expertise tailored for your project. No compromises due to lack of a necessary skillset.
  • checkGet a near immediate start on your project.
  • checkRelax with no long-term commitment. Build on your schedule.
Flatirons Typical
Managed Project Squad
All of our managed project squads are tailored to the specific needs of the inHeaderContaineridual project. However, a typical managed project squad consists of:
1 - 6
1 - 2
Project Manager
QA Engineer

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