Victory Lap.


Victory Lap
The Goal
Flatirons Development & Victory Lap

Victory Lap modernizes the sales training and hiring process. By finding and coaching the best talent, and then matching them with vetted company partners, Victory Lap sets sales professionals up for success.

Victory Lap needed to build a platform that would help them connect talent with the right company. They partnered with Flatirons Development to employ the most up to date and stable technology stack to support thousands of actions for their users.

What we did for Victory Lap

  • Product Strategy
  • Full Stack Development
  • User Research
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Custom Design System
Brian Bar
Brian Bar

Our company is growing, and as we started looking to scale, we wanted a more efficient business model. We hired Flatirons Development to build a platform that would help connect talent with the right company.

Brian BarFounder and CEO

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