Digital Banking Software Development

We create custom digital banking software solutions and amazing user experiences for web and mobile online banking platforms.

Software Development for Digital Banks

Software development for the digital banking industry refers to the creation of software for online banking systems. The majority of the banking experience is performed online today, from account opening and closing to the daily management of funds, banking accounts, credit cards, debit cards, and checks.

Every online banking platform runs on custom web-based software that helps bank employees and bank customers perform basic banking functions from their phone or computer. Digital banks, and those creating online banking platforms, must focus on providing the banking industry with robust banking features under easy to use interfaces in order to stay competitive.

Custom Online Banking Features

As more and more commercial banks and residential banks rely heavily on the online banking experience, and as some banks have transitioned entirely away from physical branches to online solutions, building a robust but simple online banking platform is increasingly important. As customers now have the majority of their interactions with banks online, investments in user experience for digital banks is imperative.

Online banks have to focus on many functionalities for bank customers, including account management, wire transfers, ACH transfers, digital issuance of credit cards and debit cards, digital check processing and issuance, credit score monitoring, account security, and much much more. It is important to maintain all of the features of a physical bank while moving them to digital experiences.

Management of Banking Funds

One of the most crucial aspects of online banking is the ability to easily funds. Transferring money between accounts, seeing available funds in each account, paying bills, managing credit card debt, performing wire transfers, and sending ACH transfers are just a few of the common features for online banks to provide their customers. The ability to easily manage funds is a staple to any digital bank.

The market for managing bank funds is robust. Tools such as Mint and Venmo encroach on this space with tools that make it easy to monitor and send funds. It's important for online banks to put customer experience first.

Digital Check Processing

Bringing checks to physical bank locations is a thing of the past. Bank customers now take a picture of checks and enter details directly through banking mobile apps. Optimal character recognition and image processing help extract details from images of checks, and users can instantly deposit checks without leaving their house. Again, as the trend continues to move from in-person banking to web and mobile banking, it's important to let bank customers perform crucial functionality such as check deposits remotely.

Credit Score Monitoring

Banking institutions commonly issue credit cards. Thus, an important feature for many banking customers is the ability to monitor their credit score. This not only helps prevent theft of funds and identity theft, it helps customers make data driven decisions about how to increase their credit scores so they can afford bank loans. Credit scores are a key piece of the financial health pictures for bankers, so being able to easily monitor and address issues with credit is important.

Online Credit Card Management

Banks are typically responsible for issuing credit cards to their customers. This means that banks and credit card institutions must create online experiences for ordering credit cards, dealing with lost credit cards, viewing transactions, and spending credit card points. These are just a few of the features needed when dealing with credit cards online.

Account Security

Online bank breaches and security breaches within financial institutions are viewed as major flaws. It is important to go the extra mile with banking security when creating custom financial systems. Online banking development teams must have thorough security processes and testing in place for all banking features. The development of banking software should not be taken lightly and any online platform should take preventative measures to mitigate any chance of a bank breach. We build security into our banking software architecture, into our software development processes, and into core banking systems. 

Banking Statement Processing

Banking statements are still important. They are used for account reconciliation for business banking accounts, for proof of income, and for many other purposes. Thus, it’s important to have statements produced for bank accounts very quickly after the end of each month, summarizing the financial transactions that occurred for each month. Once financials are recorded online, the creation of bank statements is relatively straightforward.

Custom Mobile Banking App Development

Mobile banking applications for iOS and Android are a must these days for any digital banking platform. This means that when creating digital banking software, your software development team must think through the customer experience for mobile applications as well as online platforms. Mobile banking solutions are core to banking customers and thus financial companies and bank must prioritize  innovative mobile software solutions that helps their customers manage their bank account and their finances on the go.

How can Flatirons Development help with Online Banking?

Flatirons Development focuses on simple and clean user experiences, no matter how complex the underlying software is. We believe that digital banking should be intuitive but secure, and that financial institutions and the financial industry should strive to create mobile applications and online platforms that promote customer engagement. We can help create user experiences that are pleasant but that are backed by the most secure architecture available. Whether you are an existing online bank or you are looking to create or improve your digital banking experience through a digital transformation, Flatirons Development can help provide your bank customers with the customer experience they deserve. We are the banking software development company with the technical expertise, the knowledge of the finance industry, and the software development team to build the online banking experience your customers deserve.
With the help of Flatirons Development, we were able to launch a large update to our platform, introducing new innovative tools for our clients. The information was complex but Flatirons found creative ways to present it, making it feel simple and easy to understand.
Jeremy Zaborowski
Co-Founder & CTO