Introducing Flatirons Fuse


With great excitement and anticipation, we are pleased to announce the launch of our first SaaS product Flatirons Fuse. Fuse is a brand new CSV import tool, a customer onboarding tool, and the last spreadsheet importer you will ever need. But why was it created? What are we doing differently? And who the heck are we? Let’s answer some of these burning questions.


Why We Created Flatirons Fuse

Flatirons Fuse was created for one simple reason. We found the existing solutions in the market confusing, expensive, and unfriendly to users.

In my personal experience as a developer, it amazes me to think back on just how much time was spent and how many times the transfer of data was a pain point in a given process. CSV import was one of the most common pain points and resulted in many hours spent creating improved CSV import experiences for a number of different organizations. With this experience, I am intimately familiar with the complexities of data migrations and handling ETL (extract, transform, load) processes. Ultimately, this experience led me to feel adequately prepared to make a universal, simple, and powerful CSV import experience of my own.

Of course, nothing gets accomplished alone, and my team and I at Flatirons Fuse are happy to announce that we have greatly simplified the data transfer, customer onboarding, and CSV import process. We have created a robust and intelligent CSV and spreadsheet importer that is directly embeddable in your own website. It will allow your company or your customers to easily upload a file, match it to your system’s data schema, quickly fix any errors, and import data in a user-centric manner.


What problem does Flatirons Fuse solve?

Data migrations are riddled with complexity. Historically, the data onboarding process has generally been severely underestimated. Difficulties in importing data from one system to another include but are not limited to:

  1. Data exported from a system can come in any format. That format does not necessarily match the schema of the system to which you are trying to import the data. This perpetually causes a manual step to rearrange the data and fill in gaps to appease whatever system you are importing data into.
  2. Validations are difficult, particularly on large files. If in a large CSV a duplicate email is found, and the target system will only accept unique entries, how do you find the error? What should your importer do? Do you import the rest of the data? Does your importer help the user identify the particular row or cell the issue resides in? Validations are a key strength of Flatirons Fuse.
  3. The above issues often lead to an inordinate amount of time spent on onboarding customers, and support staff are often tied up simply helping customers upload their data. If it is a challenge simply loading customer data into your system, then the sales cycle is slowed considerably.
  4. Developers must spend time fixing issues for individual customers, or developing and creating a custom import solution, taking away from other core application requirements or innovations.

With Flatirons Fuse, customers are empowered by putting the import process into their own hands. They can simply match columns from any formatted CSV or excel spreadsheet into the schema that your system allows for. Additionally, you can provide your customers with both frontend and backend validations that allow users to know exactly what data they need to correct in order to have a successful import.

By providing a simple and intuitive interface to solve one of the key onboarding barriers, we help each customer grow their business. We believe this to be the future of customer onboarding and data imports.


Who is Flatirons Fuse For?

Flatirons Fuse is a product that provides benefits across an organization. It is amazing how a simple thing such as the successful and simple transfer of data can affect a cross-section of organizational activities. The following are just a few of the teams that will derive benefit from Flatirons Fuse:

  • Developers – It is a tedious task to develop a simple, stable, and effective CSV import process, as it is riddled with complexities. Flatirons Fuse allows your development team to save time by setting up a ready-made, white-labeled, user-friendly CSV import process within minutes.
  • Product Managers – Product Managers can save time and resources in the development of processes and solutions to streamline the customer onboarding process, and assign developers to more important product-specific tasks.
  • Marketing teams – Whether using Hubspot, Salesforce or any other CRM, the import of large lists of contacts and clients can be made simple and easy. And anything that makes managing contacts easier is of tremendous benefit to a marketing team.
  • Sales teams – Sales are built on features. Your product needs to out-perform another in a key area, or offer something new. There is always a degree of resource contention issue between building the needs of the moment and features for the future. Your sales team’s job is easier if more time is spent on features for the future.
  • Everyone else – Flatirons Fuse is for anyone and everyone else that wants to convert data between two systems regularly and without a hassle.


Can I White-label the Importer?

Yes! We specifically built the importer with the capacity to match your brand. Logo, colors, it’s all there. Our importer should feel like a seamless extension of your website. 


Do I have to Pay? 

Nope! No credit card is needed to sign up and provided you stay under our 10,000 records imported per month limit, there is no charge.

Our pricing is 100% transparent and can be seen on our homepage.


Get Started with Free CSV Imports Today

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